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Eco-Friendly Great Lakes Oracle™ Everyday Treasures Edition – Linen Bag

Eco-Friendly Great Lakes Oracle™ Everyday Treasures Edition – Linen Bag

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***** Eco-Friendly Gift Set Arrives In An Environmentally-Conscious Linen Bag and Fully-Recyclable Mailer; Gift Box NOTIncluded.*****

This Purchase Is A Gift That Gives Back! Includes A $10 DONATION TO SUPERIOR WATERSHED PARTNERSHIP.

Designed with the environment in mind, these Great Lakes oracle cards offer an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint when you opt for the linen drawstring gift version. When you purchase the eco-friendly gift set, your order will arrive in a fully-recyclable mailer to help avoid single-use shipping containers — keeping your local landfills and waterways clean.

Printed in the states that touch the Great Lakes, these themed nature oracle cards make a perfect local gift with donations to the Superior Watershed Partnership. With every order of the Eco-Friendly Set, $10 is donated to the conservation, restoration and Climate Corps efforts in the Great Lakes region.

More than just an eco-friendly gift for a friend, this unique oracle deck can also help you explore the lakes on a vibrational level — lighting up your soul like the northern lights!

Created by a local author and artist, this illustrated card deck features original artwork using watercolor blended with the waters of Lake Michigan. This deck of 42 oracle cards will have you tangling with sea lamprey, wandering Sleeping Bear Dunes, and marveling at the ancient power of Petoskey stones.

The perfect oracle cards for beginners who can’t get enough of lake life or for intuitive oracle deck users — you can make your card reading as advanced as you desire. Each card offers a chance for self-reflection and guided meditation. And you may also choose to perform your oracle card reading combined with your favorite tarot deck!

For further forms of daily meditation and introspection, consult with the included 100-page guidebook. As you work, you will find that each card has the heart of a mariner — listen as it shares affirmations, lessons and wisdom from as far back as the glacial ages.

  • Each purchase includes a $10 donation to the Superior Watershed Partnership
  • Locally printed in the states that touch the Great Lakes
  • Includes 42 large oracle deck cards for easy handling
  • Each individually-themed message oracle card measures 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"
  • Features original Great Lakes art created from the waters of Lake Michigan
  • 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" full-color guidebook is sized for an easy card reading
  • Set arrives cinched in an eco-friendly linen bag.  Does NOT Arrive In A BOX. 

This environmentally-friendly gift includes a $10 donation to the Superior Watershed Partnership.





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