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“These should be in every little shop along the lakeshore!”


Owner, Kokopelli’s Korner

I could not be any happier with your product. The cards are even more beautiful than I expected and the packaging is so special!



Beautiful deck! I love the Great Lakes and knew I had to purchase this deck! It exceeded all of my expectations! Absolutely amazing in every way! Thank you for such an amazing oracle! A must buy!



Oh my goodness ❤️ These are incredible! Beautiful packaging and messages - can’t wait to make these a part of my daily routine!

The Water Energy

I have always been pulled to the water energy. Ever since I was a little girl, it’s been in my heart. I grew up blocks away from the shores of a big Wisconsin lake. Water has always been close by. As I started to explore oracle cards any that were water related I seemed to be drawn to. However something was always missing. All the oracle decks I found were focused around ocean energy or nautical themes. None of them gave the same energy I felt when you are at Lake Michigan looking out to that horizon that doesn’t end.

Story of the Oracle

As if it began like a fairytale, this all started as a dream. I had a dream I was proofing cards to a oracle deck. I went to turn over one of the cards and saw a sea lamprey. If you have ever seen one you know they are made of nightmares! It caught my attention enough to know that I was dreaming. A lucid dream now, as I started taking notes in my dream. I finished my nights sleep and in the morning I instantly remembered my dream. It seemed all to real. I grabbed my phone to see if I was dreaming or if there really was notes. I checked my phone and just like in my dream, there they were, 42 card design names and the last line in my note read...


Watercolor Artwork

Each piece of original artwork that was used for the 42 cards feature intricate line drawings to capture every detail of the story. Then the colors are gently added by strokes of watercolor. Each color blended using water from Lake Michigan.

Stories of the Oracle

Superior Watershed Partnership
Superior Watershed Partnership

By Colleen F. on Aug 08, 2021

Great Lakes Oracle supports the work of the Superior Watershed Partnership and Land Conservancy.

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An idea or a gift?
An idea or a gift?

By Colleen F. on Aug 01, 2021

I told myself that if it was truly meant to be and a gift worth bringing to life, everything would fall where it needed to with little effort.

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The Great Lakes Oracle Card #42
The Great Lakes Oracle Card #42

By Colleen F. on Feb 03, 2021

They are a system. Just as the heart works with the lungs and brain, the lakes have a living energy that beats within us. A majestic, freshwater collective system.

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