An idea or a gift?

An idea or a gift?

Early on someone said to me “Oh my gosh! That is such a great idea!”

Right away I thought. It was never a idea, let alone, my idea.

It was a gift. A gift to me.

Weeks after I had my dream I still doubted everything.

I spent weeks googling Great Lakes Oracle, Lake Oracle, Water Oracle. I kept telling myself I could not believe that this wasn’t out in the world yet. That no one else had thought of this!?

Then I spent a few more days trying to talk myself out of taking on a project of this size.

As I went through my reasons I shouldn’t do this. Each reason was met with a closely followed answer.

“Who can do 42 pieces of artwork?!”

“Sarah.” I heard.

“Who will do all the designing and branding?!”

“Erika.” I heard.

Then the buts came.

“But I don’t have time for this!”

“You do when you’re at the lake.” I heard.

“But what about printing? That is too expensive to do myself!”

“Wait until you get to that point.” I heard.

And so I took the leap into the water. Toes first, then the next thing you know I was waist deep.

Each person I asked to help was on board.

Slowly, there was no way to talk myself out of it.

My husband had no idea what I was doing but reassured me“Col, this seems like one of those things that if you don’t do it, it will keep coming up until you do something about it.”

I agreed, I finally surrendered.

I told myself that if it was truly meant to be and a gift worth bringing to life, everything would fall where it needed to with little effort. Boy did it ever.

As soon as Sarah started the artwork and I started the writings. It all fell into place. Each piece like a big puzzle. Gaining momentum as we worked. Every piece waiting for it’s place in line to fall into rank.

Over the course of the year that Sarah and I were developing the framework there were so many unbelievable coincidences, signs and affirmations reminding us we were on the right track.

The more we doubted, the more signs came up. The more signs that came up, the more we both surrendered to the gifts we were being given.

They got to be so frequent that Sarah and I would talk about things that happened and we would just laugh and say “Not that it should be a surprise anymore!” I would often send her a meme with the Blues Brothers on it and it just said “We’re on a mission from God.”

We continued to work through the summer months. Missing some self imposed deadlines but we always agreed things were unfolding just as they should. We surrendered to the time lines as well.



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