Call to the lakes

Call to the lakes

I have been going to the shores of Lake Michigan consistently for 12 years now and I am always amazed at how many people are called to it’s shores.

On a warm summer day it could be 1,000 reasons. To hang out with friends, to soak up the sun as it beats down on your skin, to breathe that fresh air deep into your lungs.

However what calls to people to make them go to the shores in the winter? In the dead of winter!?

When I go to Neshotah Beach in Two Rivers, Wisconsin in the middle of winter, I am amazed at the people that come to the shores to see Lake Michigan. There are 5 parking lots in that park and each one of them always has at least one car if not 3!

I started thinking about it more this last time I went, as I am working on these cards. These lakes call in people by the sheer energy that it puts out. Pulsating like a radio frequency that calls people from miles around.

These people aren’t always in touch with their energy centers, their gifts or a higher power even. Yet they all sit in their cars and gaze out onto the rippling water and feel a sense and pull to be there along the shores. Whether they are gazing out to forget things that are stressing them out in daily life or remembering a happier time that the water brings out.

Everyone comes to the shores for a recharge.

Everyone leaves with their soul washed clean and always leave better than what they came.

It’s the power of The Great Lakes.

 “She is water, powerful enough to drown you, soft enough to cleanse you, deep enough to heal you.”

-Adrian Michael

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