Mud flaps, Murals & Full Moon

Mud flaps, Murals & Full Moon

I was heading to Two Rivers, WI again to get away for a writing weekend. I booked the hotel I always do for these kind of weekends and headed out on a Thursday afternoon. I slotted a 3 day weekend to focus on completing another large portion of writings for the guidebook. 

As I was leaving Oshkosh, I had to yield to a big coca cola semi to get on the on ramp for Highway 41. It sped up in front of me and I followed close behind 1 lane over. I was starting to think about the weekend ahead. “Would I get as many writings done as the first time?” “Did I really think I was going to be able to pull this all together.” A million thoughts of self doubt came flooding in.  I started day dreaming the worst, when suddenly I looked over at that Coca Cola semi that had passed me getting on the highway. I noticed the mud flaps said “GREAT LAKES”.

I had a huge grin on my face and said out loud, “Thank you for the sign!”

That’s all I do now when these signs from the Universe come to me. Every time I start to doubt if I am doing the right thing in developing these oracle cards, a sign always seems present itself. The signs are always so in your face noticeable that all I can do is smile.

When I get to the lakeshore area I always stop in Manitowoc first and see Jean at Crystal Pathway. This time I stopped to give her a update on the deck and how things have been going with the project. She loved what I had so far and spoke words of encouragement to get me motivated to start the long weekend ahead. I talked about how I came this weekend in particular to the lakeshore because the full moon was going to be rising. I wanted to harness some of that energy with the call to the Lake.

As I left Crystal Pathway to head for the hotel, I took a “wrong turn” and went down a side street I had never been on. In front of me, was a huge mural on the side of a building. Again, I just had to smile.

It was the exact wave pattern that was on the fabric I had bought the week prior for my oracle card wraps that I was having a family friend, that is a seamstress make for the online store.

As I tucked myself in to bed that night. I couldn’t help but stare at the moon that enveloped my bedroom window. It was large and almost pure white. It’s light made ripples on the water that were just as bright. Everything else around it was dark in magic but the glistening of white was illuminating. I quickly snapped a picture of it to send to Sarah for inspiration on the moonlight card.

That night the wind blew so hard off of the lake on to my windows that it made a low constant sound of humming. Nestled warmly in bed, the wind sang me it’s song of the Lake. I slept like a baby.

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