The Great Lakes Oracle Card #42

The Great Lakes Oracle Card #42

This was one of the most challenging cards to develop out of the deck.

Originally I started with 5 cards, one for each lake. However, that just didn’t feel right.

So I settled on doing one card that was The Great Lakes. I just couldn’t come up with the writing, let alone what the card should look like. I knew it would come to me when the time was right. In the meantime I continued to develop the other cards.

One day during my meditation, I had fallen asleep. In my dream, everything was dark. I could still hear my meditation music in the background playing.

As I walked around I could hear a heartbeat.

Thump, thump, thump.

Then, I could hear the sound of breathing.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

A single thought came to my mind.

It was a scared geometry grid.

In front of me I saw it, as I focused on it in front of me it became larger.

It glowed a blue color.

As more of it laid out in front of me it began to take on a aerial view.

Now from this perspective I saw the lakes.

As if they were living, they took on the inhaling and exhaling movement and the sound of the heartbeats.

The water of each one moved and rocked with the sounds.

Each one thumped; each one inhaling and exhaling.

The more I focused, the more clear it became.

The final image was a sacred geometry grid laid over the Great Lakes.

I sighed as I woke up and wrote every detail down. I finally had it!

The writing for the card flowed super fast on to the paper. Like someone else was writing it for me.

It soon became one of my favorite cards. I think the grid captures the true power that the lakes hold. It conveys to me that the energy they hold is part of a much grander scale. Something more than anything I could even attempt to capture.

They are a system.

Just as the heart works with the lungs and brain, the lakes have a living energy that beats within us.

A majestic, freshwater collective system.


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