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Apatite Crystal Vial

Apatite Crystal Vial

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The rich blue color of Apatite looks like a dark blue wave on the Great Lakes on a hot summer day. Apatite is a stone of manifestation. It has the metaphysical properties to look to the future while also being connected to your past lives. It has been used to depend your meditation practice and enhance spiritual attunement. Apatite is a wonderful crystal to help with creativity and to boost lucid dreaming. It works with your throat chakra to enhance your communication with yourself and others. 

Item Info:

  • Apatite is a stone of manifestation
  • Supports looking to the future
  • Enhances spiritual attunement
  •  Use to deepen your meditation practice
  • Helps with lucid dreaming 
  • Supports the throat chakra 
  • 10 ML bottle of tiny grade A stones
  • Bottle is 2.5” tall 


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