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Copper Merkabas

Copper Merkabas

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Our Copper Merkabas can be used in many different ways. They are great tools for your energy work! 

The Merkaba is an ancient sacred geometry symbol. When broken down, the word Merkaba holds more meaning. Mer meaning Light, Ka meaning Spirit, and Ba meaning Body. Putting these three words together mean the union of spirit with the body, surrounded by light. This sacred star shape can help you recognize your true inner guidance and connect with your source of divinity. 

The Keweenaw Peninsula holds the largest copper deposits in Michigan’s history. Since mining began in 1845, billions of pounds of copper have been mined out of Michigan. As a natural conductor, copper will bring grounding and clearer thinking to your day. Copper’s spiritual properties will inspire a sense of calm and balance. It will open your energy flow and amplify your thoughts.

Close your eyes and imagine holding a Copper Merkaba in your hand. Now feel the energy slowly start to move throughout your body. With your feet firmly grounded on the floor, you can also feel the energy moving through and amplifying your thoughts. Little by little, you will start to feel less clouded and clearer thinking will emerge. 

Any purchase of 2 or more merkabas will have a automatic discount of 20% applied in the cart. 

Item Details:

  • Large Copper Merkaba is 2” and weighs a heavy 17.5 oz. 
  • Small Copper Merkaba is 1” and weighs a lighter 2.75 oz. 
  • Made in Michigan 
  • Due to copper being a soft metal, pieces will arrive with natural minor scratches and abrasions

Please see our whole collection of copper products for energy work! 


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