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Oracle Card Cloth Wrap

Oracle Card Cloth Wrap

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This wrap will keep your oracle cards safe and snug out of their box. The fabric captures the rolling waves on those summer days at the beach. The inside fabric is a solid dark navy to compliment the outside design. The ribbon that ties the wrap shut is a navy herringbone weave that is perfect for wrapping and tying time and time again.

Made in Marshfield, Wisconsin by a local seamstress.

  • Fits the 42 card deck of the Great Lakes Oracle 
  • The roll out section accommodates a 3 card spread 
  • Outside fabric is a heavy weight dark blue/grey wave pattern with a hint of metallic wave tips
  • Inside fabric is a heavy weight solid navy  
  • 36” Midori© Herringbone ribbon wraps and ties as the closure 
  • Made in Marshfield, Wisconsin by a local seamstress 
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