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Lake Superior Orgonite Pyramids

Lake Superior Orgonite Pyramids

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These Lake Superior Orgonite Pyramids are filled with natural treasures from the Great Lakes to harness that freshwater energy!

Glowing Yooperlites, beach sand and miscellaneous Great Lakes stone make up the base. The top resin is a water and sky color paired with copper coils swirled in.

Organite pyramids are said to help filter and balance energy fields.
These pyramids are 5” square at the base and stand 5” tall. Each weigh over 2 pounds! 

Item details:

  • Yooperlites (fluorescent Sodalite), Copper, Beach sand, Great Lakes stones
  • 5” square base
  • 5” tall 
  • Weighs over 2 pounds! 

To see Yooperlites glow like pictured you will need a 365nm UV light that has a filter. Without this, your stones will not “light up” as the picture shows. 



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