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Gemstone Sand

Gemstone Sand

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Our vials of Gemstone Sand can be used any time you want to add a little energy of a specific crystal but can’t use the whole crystal. You can use the sand in your sacred space to add crystal energy to your altar. Gemstone Sand can also be added to pendants and chambered pendulums to harness the energy where a crystal won’t fit.

Sodalite Properties: 

  • It is known as Thinker’s Stone for its ability to bring up profound thoughts
  • The colors represent honesty, introspection 
  • It is a excellent choice for anyone on the path to truth and spiritual discovery 
  • Can promote emotional balance and inner peace

Chrysocolla Properties:  

  • Is made of a unique type of copper ore
  • Chrysocolla is associated with the element of water
  • Good for higher knowledge and helping with spiritual awakening 
  • Due to its water qualities it can help “wash” away stress and emotional stress

Item Info: 

  • 10 ML glass vial with cork stopper
  • 3.5 tall vial 
  • Sodalite and Chrysocolla available  
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